How much is 5kw of power

According to data released by US Energy Information Administration in 2021, a US household consumes about 893 kWh of electricity per month and the cost is around $117,78/month. That means per day, 30 kWh is consumed. 

If you are going for solar, the most common question asked is How much is 5kw of power? I am using a 5kW solar system that can generate between 15.00 kWh to 22.50 kWh daily. If we multiply this number by 365 days, it will be 5,475 to 8,212.5. 

This article covers the following: 

  • How much power does a 5kw solar system produce per day, month, or year?
  • The average power output of a 5kw solar system per day, month, year
  • Average monthly and daily energy production in June and December for various us cities
  • Average hourly energy consumption of common household appliances and electronics
  • The estimated energy output of a 5kw solar panel system based on peak sun hours
  • Cost range for 5 kw solar systems in various U.S. states
  • The solar energy output of 5 kw solar panel systems in the U.S. cities
  • Few tips to keep in mind when going for solar

How Much Power Does A 5kW Solar System Produce Per Day, Month, or Year?

A 5kW solar system can generate anywhere from 15.00 kWh to 22.50 kWh per day, depending on how much sunlight you get (solar irradiance). In a year that will be 5,400 kWh to 8,100 kWh.

Formula: 5kW Solar Output (kWh/Day) = Power Rating × Peak Sun Hours × 0.75

The peak sun hours will vary from location to location. So, check the peak hours of the location you live in. You can use a solar output calculator to get a more accurate calculation of how much power a 5kW solar system can produce per day. 

Average Power Output Of A 5kW Solar System Per Day, Month, Year 

  • Per day: The solar output equation for a 5kW system in an area with 5 peak sun hours per day is 5kW × 5 hours × 0.75 = 18.75 kWh per day. So on an average day, a 5kW solar system in this area would produce 18.75 kWh of energy.
  • Per month: Since there are 30 days in an average month, the total energy produced by a 5kW solar system in an area with 5 peak sun hours per day would be 18.75 kWh/day × 30 days = 562.5 kWh per month.
  • Per year: Since there are 12 months in a year, the total energy produced by a 5kW solar system in an area with 5 peak sun hours per day would be 562.5 kWh/month × 12 months = 6,750 kWh per year.

Average Monthly and Daily Energy Production in June and December for Various US Cities

City Avg. Monthly Energy Production in June (kWh)Avg. Daily Energy Production in June (kWh/day)Avg. Monthly Energy Production in December (kWh)Avg. Daily Energy Production in December (kWh/day)
Phoenix, Arizona8702961019.5
Austin, Texas71023.549015.75
Tallahassee, Florida62020.550016.25
Sacramento, California900303909.75
Boston, Massachusetts65021.53009.75
Reno, Nevada9003045014.5
Burlington, Vermont64021.42508
Salt Lake City, Utah8402834111
Raleigh, North Carolina67522.543013.75
Princeton, New Jersey68022.631010
Santa Fe, New Mexico8702958018.75
Salem, Oregon720241856

Average Hourly Energy Consumption of Common Household Appliances and Electronics

ApplianceAvg. Hourly Energy Consumption (Wh/hour)
Refrigerator50 – 100
Washing machine500 – 1200
Microwave600 – 1200
Coffee maker150 – 400
TV40 – 200
Desktop computer100 – 400
Laptop computer20 – 100
Window air conditioner (5000 BTU)250 – 400
Window air conditioner (12000 BTU)600 – 1000
Central air conditioner (18000 BTU)800 – 1500
Central air conditioner (24000 BTU)1000 – 1800
LED light bulb5 – 20
Incandescent light bulb25 – 100

Estimated Energy Output of a 5kW Solar Panel System Based on Peak Sun Hours

No. Of Peak Sun Hours5kW Output Per Day5kW Output Per Month5kW Output Per Year
4 hours15.00 kWh/Day450 kWh/Month5,400 kWh/Year
4.1 hours15.37 kWh/Day461.1 kWh/Month5,533.2 kWh/Year
4.2 hours15.75 kWh/Day472.5 kWh/Month5,670 kWh/Year
4.3 hours16.13 kWh/Day483.9 kWh/Month5,806.8 kWh/Year
4.4 hours16.50 kWh/Day495 kWh/Month5,940 kWh/Year
4.5 hours16.88 kWh/Day506.4 kWh/Month6,076.8 kWh/Year
4.6 hours17.25 kWh/Day517.5 kWh/Month6,210 kWh/Year
4.7 hours17.63 kWh/Day528.9 kWh/Month6,346.8 kWh/Year
4.8 hours18.00 kWh/Day540 kWh/Month6,480 kWh/Year
4.9 hours18.38 kWh/Day551.4 kWh/Month6,616.8 kWh/Year
5 hours18.75 kWh/Day562.5 kWh/Month6,750 kWh/Year
5.1 hours19.13 kWh/Day573.9 kWh/Month6,886.8 kWh/Year
5.2 hours19.50 kWh/Day585 kWh/Month7,020 kWh/Year
5.3 hours19.88 kWh/Day596.4 kWh/Month7,156.8 kWh/Year
5.4 hours20.25 kWh/Day607.5 kWh/Month7,290 kWh/Year
5.5 hours20.63 kWh/Day618.9 kWh/Month7,426.8 kWh/Year
5.6 hours21.00 kWh/Day630 kWh/Month7,560 kWh/Year
5.7 hours21.38 kWh/Day641.4 kWh/Month7,696.8 kWh/Year
5.8 hours21.75 kWh/Day652.5 kWh/Month7,830 kWh/Year
5.9 hours22.13 kWh/Day663.9 kWh/Month7,966.8 kWh/Year
6 hours22.50 kWh/Day675 kWh/Month8,100 kWh/Year

Cost Range For 5 Kw Solar Systems In Various U.S. States

Arizona$10,350 – $12,950
California$12,000 – $14,900
Colorado$14,100 – $17,200
Florida$10,700 – $13,700
Maryland$12,550 – $16,650
Massachusetts$13,750 – $17,350
New Jersey$12,000 – $15,900
New York$13,550 – $18,050
Texas$11,350 – $15,050
Washington$11,550 – $14,850

Solar Energy Output of 5 kW Solar Panel Systems in Top U.S. Cities

Austin, TX20.36177,405
Boston, MA18.15516,606
Cleveland, OH16.65066,071
Denver, CO20.96377,639
Hartford, CT17.15196,223
Las Vegas, NV26.88169,794
Los Angeles, CA21.76607,915
Miami, FL20.06097,313
New York City17.55316,372
Philadelphia, PA17.95436,513
Phoenix, AZ23.77208,643
Seattle, WA14.94545,447

Few tips to keep in mind when going for solar

  • Before you go solar, it’s important to understand how much energy you use and when you use it. This can help you determine the size of the solar panel array you need and how much you can save on your energy bills.
  • There are many solar panel manufacturers, installers, and financing options out there, so it’s important to do your research and find the best fit for your needs and budget. Look for reviews and ask for recommendations from friends or family members who have gone solar.
  • Solar panel installation can be expensive, but it’s important to understand the potential long-term savings. Consider how much you currently pay for electricity and how much you could potentially save with solar. Many financing options, such as leasing or power purchase agreements can also help you save on upfront costs.
  • Solar panel efficiency can vary depending on your location, other factors such as weather patterns and shading can affect how much energy your panels generate. It’s essential to work with an installer who understands your location and can help you optimize your solar panel array for maximum efficiency.
  • While solar panels are relatively low maintenance, they do require occasional cleaning and inspections to ensure they are functioning properly. Make sure you understand the maintenance requirements of your solar panel array and factor those costs into your budget.


Now that you know how much is 5kW of power, it will be easy for you to analyze whether a 5kW solar system will fit to your requirements or not. It is advisable to do proper research and then make a decision. I believe that this capacity is enough for my requirements as it allows me to run heavy-load appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many solar panels do I need for a 5kw system?

To create a 5kW solar system, the number of solar panels required would vary between 14 and 25. However, it depends on the wattage of the individual solar panels chosen. If 250-Watt solar panels are used, 20 solar panels would be needed to achieve a 5kW system.

How much is 5kw of power?

A 5kW solar system can generate about 6,750 kWh per year.

How many air conditioners can 5kW run?

A 5kW solar system can run 2 to 3 air conditioners. 

How much power can a 5kW system generate?

A 5kW system can produce around 20 kWh during sunny days and 4,500 kWh in a year. 

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